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Sounds of the Spirit~ Kindle A New Sound
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let The Truth Be Told

Let The Truth Be Told

Bishop CD Miller

Copyright 2007.
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

There is nothing worse than living under some ones lie about you! Ugh! I once read that it takes a good memory to lie! Lies hidden shall be revealed! The liar's tongue will have to confess the truth! No cover up is hidden from the Spirit. The Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, is the revealer and does expose the lying tongue as well as the lie!

I thought about what anguish Marion Jones must have felt concealing the truth in taking steroids prior to and during the 2000 Olympics. She faces quite a penalty and carrying the burden of the lie deep within must have been painful. During her confession, she says she lied to protect herself and her coach.

I remember once having the worse case of indigestion ever! I tossed and turned! I got up; I laid down! I moaned and groaned in the middle of the night! I was anquished, even tormented with pain! I was having a heart attack for sure!

I tried everything, Pepto, Alka Seltzer, Baking Soda...everything...whatever was deep in my tummy was literally killing me! Finally, nausea took over and there it was! A tiny piece of blanched asparagus, I had eaten for dinner. It nearly killed me! An uncooked piece of hard asparagus got stuck somewhere in my system and IT HAD TO COME OUT!

So it is with the truth! It must be told! The liar will have no rest. The liar MUST come clean and tell the truth! Are you living under the rock of some ones lie upon you? Trust me, the liar around you, is bowing NOW before God.

As the liar is bending over, the truth will pop forward on your behalf! Just like that piece of asparagus had to surface from my belly, the truth will be told. The revealed truth of about your situation, will set you free!

Sounds of the Spirit:
The liar must speak the truth. The truth is being told!

Proverbs 12:19~ "The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment."

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