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Sounds of the Spirit~ Kindle A New Sound
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Flash Flood Warning!

A Flash Flood Warning!

Bishop CD Miller

Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Fear most definitely can set in when you see funds running low, lower, lowest! The thought of an EMPTY BANK ACCOUNT can scare you to death! When the gas tank is near "E," I look to the parable of my neighborhood's reservoir! For years, it lets me know the Lord is my provider and will NEVER let my resource dry up. He is my SOURCE more than my RESOURCE!

For weeks, I have been watching the reservoir near my home literally DRY UP! The landscape of a sandy rocky beach is the picture at the bottom of our city's reservoir! This is not the first time I have watched the reservoir DRY UP! For years, observing the reservoir has become a source of faith! I have learned that the reservoir NEVER DRIES UP COMPLETELY! God always provides!

Well on this occasion, IT HAS LOOKED SEVERELY AWFUL, NO WATER OR RAIN in sight! We live on a well system and we have been concerned, '"Is the well going to dry up also?" The days have passed and passed and passed and passed; drier and drier and drier the reservoir has become! I knew it would pour down raining eventually! The Lord never lets you dry up completely!

Well, last week the rain finally came! Literally, BUCKETS of water drenched my neighborhood. Flash flood warnings were issued. The reservoir filled once again! While driving, I saw cars sliding about the flooded streets. Peacefully, I acknowledged the Lord had supplied. He knows and drops the down pour right on time!

Sound of the Spirit:
There is A FLASH FLOOD WARNING issued FOR YOU! Dried up? The next blessing will over take you! You won't be able to contain it! It's NOW time for the rain to appear!

Philippians 4:19~"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus!"

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