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Sounds of the Spirit~ Kindle A New Sound
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Stay Center

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Bishop CD Miller
Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved

Driving along between a few exits, I became startled by a motorcycle chase. Squirting between cars, one bike acutely swooped past me at warped speed. Thinking to myself, I pondered, "Can one control a bike at that speed." Speeding in this manner, I considered, "Is is worth risking my life to arrive at my destination so quickly!" Is a speed chase worth the journey and destination.

No sooner catching my breath, I approached another exit. Puttering along, a car was slowly attempting to merge the highway. Advancing ever so slowly, the car couldn't enter on and began to crawl upon the shoulder. Going TOO slowly and cautiously, the car jeopardized safety.

How do we determine if we are traveling to fast or too slow? The median strip of the highway is the road's point of safety. Driving moderately, we can stay in control. Keeping that moderate pace you will feel PEACE, SAFE and IN CONTROL.

Merely adjust your driving speed! Speed up or slow down; don't cross the median strip. A sense of peace is your confirmation you are driving within the speed limit. Eat one piece of pizza not two! Find the point of moderation and regain peace! Find center, i.e-not to far to the right and not to far to the left. Don't drive to fast or drive to slow. Going to slow you might miss it; going too fast you might lose it. Find center; restore peace!

I think we drive too fast sometimes, thinking we need to hurry to our next destination. The Lord wants us to arrive where He is sending us...but wants us to arrive safe and sound! We WILL and ARE going to ARRIVE where He is sending us!

Sound of the Spirit:
Don't cross the lane of safety. Regain control to regain peace. The Lord IS IN Control!

Philippians 4:5~"Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand."

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